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Agora for online voting

Elections will never seize to amaze us: when they produce unexpected results or when they manage to gather universal attention to their outcome.

In recent years, the way elections themselves are deployed has become an issue of global interest. Ever since the initial and founding efforts, there has been a mix of great interest and controversy surrounding the deployment of electronic and online voting. The aspiration of this blog is to become an agora for those interested in the evolution of online voting and a permanent electoral observatory for all those with a genuine stake in the outcome of online and electronic voting practices.  

The intent is to provide features rich with country insight of online voting. Given the nature of the interest and questions raised, certain areas – like security and trust – are stressed more than others. Countries are assessed as to their readiness to adopt novel voting practices and as experts who have in-depth knowledge about the online voting processes in each country are invited to share their views.

A link I found interesting for those looking to begin analyzing online voting:The Council of Europe experiences exchange for remote and onsite e-voting in its member states

All in all, the effort is to keep track of how things are progressing and sharing of knowledge on online voting. I look forward to making this a common effort to create a global point of reference for the new era of global, web-based, electoral events.